Month: April 2019

Becky Wade | Heat and humidity are probably no strangers to you. You’ve learned to expect to finish runs feeling like you’ve just emerged from the ocean, that running in a dehydrated state can be as debilitating as sprinting in a mascot costume, and that a spy’s disguise (hat and shades) work just as well […]

Incline training is tough, but hill sessions improve strength and running economy – if you do them right. If you’re a regular runner looking to improve your speed and endurance you’ll know that it’s essential to mix up your training sessions. Sometimes that means short sprint sessions. Sometimes it means getting miles in your legs […]

Boost your knowledge, improve your technique and get fitter faster with help from the expert contributors to the book Running Science   Should I breathe through my nose or my mouth? Getting air into the lungs is critical for runners since it provides oxygen that is essential for energy production. The transport of air into […]

Chug down this spinach, kiwi and almond milk drink to boost your post-run recovery. The first move many make after a tough run is to flop on the sofa for several hours, ideally surrounded by a sackful of junk food. While no-one is saying you shouldn’t reward yourself with your favorite food after a run, […]