Month: May 2019

Sometimes we get it, sometimes we don’t. But we always want it and more of it. It’s that feel-good brain chemical called endorphins, referred to as a “runner’s high” – the feeling of euphoria associated with long-duration, rhythmic exercise where you are working your body to its maximum potential. But runners are not the only […]

Diana Davis RD LD CDE  | It’s that time of year again – hot, humid, muggy May! We know it’s only going to get worse as we head into summer, but we still want/need to train to maintain fitness or get ready for the next event. The most important detail of your run plans over […]

Find out what and when to eat before high-intensity, race pace and recovery runs – as well as races. Most of us have no problem devoting time to thinking about what we’re going to eat after a run. In fact, it’s pretty much the only thing we do think about during the last half an […]

Your 10-Week Trail Half Marathon Training Plan | Hayden Carpenter |   Completing a trail half marathon is an achievable goal for almost anyone, with a little bit of structured training. Below you will find strategies and a sample training plan for runners hoping to put in their first 13-miler (give or take a bit) […]

Beat the slump with these tips. 1 in 3 of us claims to feel permanently shattered, with the pace of modern life the biggest energy sapping culprit, according to Mintel research. Many of us turn to knocking back a coffee, but that will only mask the symptoms of tiredness. You’ll perk up temporarily because it […]