Month: June 2019

Why it’s all about the nose. When you’re running, breathing tends to be something you focus on only when things are going wrong. When you’re gliding along with fluid, easy movements and your breath is controlled, you probably don’t even notice it, but when your run gets tough and your breath comes in short rasping […]

Put into practice the latest running science on running economy, as detailed by John Brewer in his book Running Science. The growth in mass participation running is fertile ground for running scientists because recreational runners want to do as well as they can, even if they might not be standing on the podium at the […]

Tom Clifford | Developing a solid aerobic pace is one of the main principles of distance running.  Almost every distance runner follows Arthur Lydiard’s model of easy distance, in particular that of Kenyan athletes who spend around 85% of their time running at an ‘easy’ or ‘recovery’ pace.  Yet this is an error I see […]

Scott W. Tunis MD FACS | You have heard about athletes taking beetroot to increase endurance. Some swear by it. So what’s the deal, does it really work? At Runners Essentials, we prefer to look at real science for our answers. By real science we mean placebo-controlled, double-blind human clinical trials, with statistically significant results, […]