Challenge Results

Without Limits Runners Essentials

Daily Vitamin Formula “Challenge”

Exit Survey Results

92%   reported IMPROVED energy, athletic performance, and physical recovery

88%   reported FASTER recovery from the previous workout

88%   reported feeling BETTER AND STRONGER during training runs

85%   of the entrants who stated they were “skeptical about the potential benefits” of a vitamin formula for runners, changed their minds after taking Runners Essentials for one month and replied they “believed there were definite benefits”


66%  of those who participated in a timed event during the first month reported a PR or a time better than their average


62%  noticed IMPROVEMENT in a mild chronic injury

92%  would RECOMMEND Runners Essentials

to Fellow Athletes

*Runners Essentials Daily Vitamin Formula Challenge Exit Survey January- March 2019 Data on File Runners Essential Vitamin LLC