2021 Professional and Elite Sponsored Athletes


Aaron Kolk, Professional Triathlete
Wilmington, NC



  • Husband to Amy and father of 4 (Izabella, Paulo, Eden, Ike) 
  • Coffee enthusiast
  • Fan of all things endurance
  • Youth, Run, Cycle, and Triathlon Coach at Without Limits


2021 Goals:

  • Social: Inspire and help others in their individual lives through my gifts and talents. To give back to the intercity community in Wilmington through swim lessons and raising financial aid for 100Ultra4kids organization
  • Athletic: Place top 10 in all my Ironman events. Under 4 hours for 70.3 and under 8:30 for 140.6

Favorite Event(s): White Lake Half Pro-AM

Greatest accomplishment as an athlete: Raising almost $7,000 for Do Good Health, a non-profit health care organization supporting small villages in Rwanda, by completing a solo full iron distance in 8:42 on my first attempt at the distance. 

Favorite thing to do outside of sport: To make my own cup of coffee or espresso and sit and relax overlooking a body of water, preferably in the mountains. With 4 children and a wife working full time and in graduate school it does not happen often, but when it does, it is heaven on earth! I also enjoy time with my kids, especially walks in the trails around my house. 

What I like best about the Without Limits nutrition line: The simplicity. I take the vitamin each night right before bed. The recovery shake after each hard/long effort. I have noticed my overall recovery is much better and I can get back to work sooner when I am consistent with doing these two things.



Summer Deal, Professional Triathlete
Colorado Springs, CO


  • Registered Nurse with Master of Public Health employed at UC Health in Colorado Springs in Infection Prevention
  • Started running in the sixth grade, with a 5:45 mile
  • After a large growth spurt of 6 inches in 3 months in high school, took some time off from running and focused on the pole vault
  • Pole vaulted at George Mason University for two years before returning to her love of running
  • Ran marathons until she reconnected with a former high school teammate who was a triathlete
  • Now married and both racing at the professional level, her husband Ben Deal, is also a Without Limits sponsored athlete

2021 Goals: To race five or six 70.3 races and finish the year with a 140.6. I am excited to see how I will stack up in these races, but have no real expectations for place or time; I prefer to reduce as much pressure as possible and instead focus on the execution of each event, and the results will follow!

Favorite event(s): Although I grew up as a runner, my favorite event is the bike! I absolutely love the feeling of being able to push yourself so hard that you think your legs are just going to give out, and then going even deeper. 

Biggest accomplishment as an athlete: I'm going to use a less conventional story here about my biggest accomplishment as an athlete- I did not grow up swimming, so I had to teach myself how to swim when I decided I wanted to try a triathlon. Since that time I have been working on getting faster in the water, and for a while that meant that I had these ridiculously high expectations of myself for every single swim. If I didn't improve my time I felt like a failure, and it was making me hate swimming. I was close to quitting triathlon because I would get so nervous before every swim workout.

The biggest accomplishment I have made in the pool was when I stopped comparing myself and my times to others, and instead just focused on having good form and having fun.  I can say now that I finally enjoy swimming, and I've gotten faster than I thought possible! 

Favorite thing to do outside of sport: I love to do pottery, I find it incredibly relaxing and the easiest way for me to zone out and find flow state.

What I like best about the Without Limits nutrition line: The hot chocolate long run recovery!! As someone who normally doesn't like protein shakes, I crave this one! 



Ben Deal, Professional Triathlete
Colorado Springs, CO



  • Born and raised in Charlottesville, Virginia
  • Played a different sport every season until finding running in the 8th grade. From then on, he's never escaped the pull of endurance sports
  • After two years of running and a short stint of rowing at Columbia University, Ben found triathlon and never looked back.
  • Qualified for 70.3 World Championships in his first season of long course racing and set his sights on qualifying as a pro.
  • With the help of his wife and training partner, Summer, he qualified as a pro in 2018 and immediately threw himself into racing at the highest level.

2021 Goals: To establish myself as one of the top 70.3 racers in the US, eventually working towards a 70.3 World Championship slot. I hope to have my first top 3 finish in a pro race!
Favorite Event(s): Ironman 70.3 Indian Wells/La Quinta is my favorite Half Ironman on the circuit. A great closer to the season, the December race features a cold swim, a fast bike, and an honest run. It was the location of my pro qualifying race in 2018 and my highest finish ever as a pro in 2019, 4th place!

Biggest accomplishment as an athlete: My professional debut at the 2019 Ironman 70.3 St. George always brings a smile to my face. I set a lofty goal for myself to earn money in that race, requiring a top 10 finish in the loaded North American Championship field. After a rough swim and an average bike, I fought my way into the fray, taking 10th place less than half a mile from the finish line. My 1:16:03 half marathon was the 5th fastest run split of the day, a >2 minute PR, a massive surprise to my coach, family, and me!

What I like best about the Without Limits nutrition line: I love having a daily Vitamin tailored towards endurance athletes. The Runners Essentials Daily Vitamin gives me the peace of mind to push my body to the limit in training, knowing I'll be recovered and ready to roll on race day. 

What is your favorite thing to do outside the sport: I'm a huge bike gearhead. As a self taught mechanic, I do all of the bike wrenching for Summer's and my bikes. I'm a student of all things aerodynamics and am always tinkering to shave every possible second off our times!

Personal Bests:
  • 10th at 2019 IM 70.3 St. George NA Champs in his pro debut
  • 5th at 2019 IM 70.3 Waco
  • 4th at 2019 IM 70.3 Indian Wells/La Quinta – 2nd fastest run split (1:12:39)


Victoria Hammersmith, Elite Half Marathoner
Mauldin, SC


  • Mom of two beautiful kids, boy and a girl. 
  • Track and field coach for Christ Church
  • @upstate_ultra ambassador 
  •  Multiple Mid American Champion 5k, 3k, mile, steeplechase 
  •  Division 1 NCAA finalist in steeplechase
2021 Goals: 
Achieve PRs in 5k, 10k, and a half marathon and  my long term goal is to get a marathon A standard for Olympic trials.

Favorite event(s): 5k and half marathon 
Biggest accomplishment as an athlete: Division 1 NCAA finalist in steeplechase.

Favorite thing to do outside of sport: I love spending time with my kids and husband. When we have a chance we usually go to different parks to explore. Also I have two beautiful dogs with whom we play outside. As far as work goes, I am a distance coach for the track and field team and work part time at New Balance store as a shoe salesman. All my family enjoys spending time outside and a couple nights a week my husband and I would do a bonfire in our backyard and watch the fire with a glass of wine. 

What I like best about the Without Limits nutrition line:
I really enjoy the taste and ease of preparation of the Long Run Recovery Protein shakes. I can get it ready before my workout or long run and take it with me. I usually didn't eat after a run for a couple of hours, and now it is a great immediate post run nutritional shake. I can feel that it helps with my recovery and gives me enough energy to get home and make dinner. I love my Runners Daily Vitamin. I have been taking it for a couple of months and can tell the difference in my energy levels and recovery. Over Christmas and New Year break I stopped taking vitamins for a couple of weeks and I could tell right away that my legs felt heavier and I was more tired and needed more recovery time between my workouts.

Personal Bests:

  • 800m (Outdoor): 2:10.37 
  • 1500m: 4:20.87 
  • Mile: 4:39.84 
  • 3000m: 9:13.24 
  • 5000m (Outdoor): 16:22.05 
  • 3000m Steeplechase: 9:51.63 
  • Half Marathon: 1:16:50