EP 9: Olympian 1500M and US Trials Champion Paul McMullen

Olympian Paul McMullen on his journey from high school to college to professional.

Paul talks about his career in high school, his collegiate experience at Eastern Michigan, his mindset when training as a professional, his career and what drove him to greatness. 


EP 8: Connecting Faith and Endurance: The Race of Life

Tom Clifford talks to Father Richard Sutter of St. Gabriel Church in Charlotte, NC. Father Sutter and Tom connected after the 2017 IRONMAN NC 70.3 Triathlon at Sunday Mass. Father Sutter, himself, is a triathlete and marathoner. He has competed in the 70.3 world championships and run 2:58 at the Boston Marathon. He talks about the connection between endurance sports and faith, how to pray better when in your sport, who to pray for, how suffering in life and endurance sports are related and more! If you want to grow in your faith and use your sport as an outlet, this is a great listen.


EP 7: Running Chat May 2020

Tom Clifford and Colin Hackman talk about racing the mile and why it is good for everyone to try. They transition to ULTRA MARATHON crazy distance running and Avery Collins a normal 8K 10K guy now known as an Ultramarathon runner "RUNNING HIGH". They discuss the importance of sleep, then to Colin discussing mental health, addiction, his own personal experiences and how it ties together into his love for running. 


EP 6: Swim Run The Sport, What It's All About

Learn about SwimRun with swim guru Kristen Jeno and maybe you'll want to add it to your bucket list for the journey and experience. Kristen has a long list of accolades as a Swim Run athlete and is also a race director for SwimRun Lake James and Swim The Loop 3.5 mile. Kristen has completed ÖtillÖ Swimrun World Series, the 2016 SwimRun Georgia and more. Kristen and Tom discuss how to get into the sport, what it all entails, some tips on training, what it's like to train with a partner. 


EP 5: Journey to the Olympic Trials for 3 Amateur Runners

Coach Tom Clifford interviews Brittany Perkins, Erin Hogston, and Peyton Thomas on their journey to the 2020 U.S. Olympic Trials.  Also including special guest and training partner Bridget Phillips.  If you want to be inspired, and meet 4 amazing women who are driven, set goals, and never gave up, this is a great listen!  


EP 4: Running Chat April 2020

Tom Clifford has guest runner, race director, timer, and meteorologist Colin Hackman on the program. Colin and Tom have been friends and work partners for over 10 years. The conversation begins with current events with COVID-19. Colin then interviews Tom on his background, mistakes, and a little fun Q and A. 


EP 3: Running Event Impacts from COVID19 for Race Directors and Runners

Tom Clifford interviews Dave McGillivray, owner of DMSE Sports and Race Director of the Boston Marathon. Tom and Dave discuss the impacts of COVID-19 on the race event industry, tips for race directors, how runners themselves can assist in understanding what is happening and how they can help to make races successful when they return. Dave is a runner himself and has a list of accomplishments personally and professionally. 


EP 2: Nutrition During COVID-19 and Immune Boosting Runners Supplementation

Tom Clifford interviews Registered Dietitian Diana Davis, R.D. on nutrition pitfalls during COVID-19 lock down, weight gain, and how to boost the immune system to fight off infection and recover better. We also discuss the effects of alcohol, the best way to supplement for runners, IRON, and some tips on periodizing eating when training increases and decreases. Diana has been a registered dietitian nutritionist since 1983 and has been a Without Limits athlete since 2010.


EP 1: How Running Endurance Relates to Life Success

Without Limits owner Tom Clifford hosts the podcast on running and endurance sports relating to life. Overcoming obstacles, resilience, and failure combined with personal experience. Guests are Kyle Phillips and Keith Parrella who are both endurance athletes and have served 22 years in the U.S. Marine Corps. This is a motivational podcast that will give you advice and guidance of preparation, readiness and overcoming fear of failure. 


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