Run Sock by Voormi
Run Sock by Voormi
Run Sock by Voormi
Run Sock by Voormi
Run Sock by Voormi
Run Sock by Voormi

Run Sock by Voormi

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Fulfilled by our friends at VOORMI

The days of sweaty feet for distance runners is over. We’ve created a running sock with a wool outer layer that provides the ultimate in thermal performance and a soft, next-to-skin inner layer that wicks moisture outward. Built with DUAL SURFACE™ construction, the Run Sock features an Achilles protection pad to reduce friction against the heel, a flex panel for superior movement, and a seamless toe closure for ridge-free comfort.


  • Firm cuff for comfort and staying power

  • Mesh panels throughout reduce bulk, increase breathability, and control moisture
  • Left and Right construction provides true anatomical fit
  • Strategically placed cushioning provide protection and comfort
  • Seamless toe closure for ridge-free comfort

Product Care

While all of our products are designed for machine care, we recommend protecting your investment through minimally damaging processes. The following are recommended:

  • Machine Wash Cold
  • Hang Dry
  • No Fabric Softeners


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