Iron and 2,3-DPG are Wonderful Things

Scott W. Tunis MD FACS | Iron is the element in hemoglobin in our red cells that binds and carries oxygen. It’s also why our blood is red. Low in Iron = less oxygen delivery = poorer exercise performance. Not good. 2,3-DPG (2,3-diphosphoglycerate) is a chemical also...

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7 Reasons Running Improves Confidence

Leigh Weingus | Standing up straight, making strong eye contact, smiling. You've probably heard these tried-and-true methods for improving confidence, but what if we told you that the key to self-assurance lies in something you probably already do? We're talking about...

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Press Release – February 01, 2019

View this post on Instagram #PressRelease (read full press release - link in bio)•☝🏻 • - "We wanted an extremely high quality, non-GMO and Gluten free product that would provide runners with the exact nutrients they require. We realized that product didn’t exist. It...

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