Is Running Actually Good For You?

Leigh Weingus |  Your mom hurt her knee while running, and you find yourself getting shin splints when you jog for more than five minutes. Your brother-in-law has a bad back, and he swears it's because of that half marathon he ran two years ago. Sound familiar? Aches,...

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Take Control

Scott W. Tunis MD FACS  | We love to run. But it isn’t always easy. Wouldn’t it be great if we were always motivated?Wouldn’t it be nice if we always felt strong and fast?Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we were never limited by an injury?Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we...

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Runners Need More

Tom Clifford | If you run 5-6 days per week (or more) certain vitamins and minerals are especially important for your exercise performance, fitness and overall health. Putting in miles per week might mean that your reserves are "running on empty"—especially if you are...

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